Comprehensive Legal Solutions

Comprehensive Legal Solutions, Inc. was originally founded in 2006 and is currently headquarted in Winston-Salem, NC. We have worked directly with banks, lenders, auto finance companies, credit grantors and asset acquisition firms to partner on solutions that best fit their needs for today and in the future.

We have an excellent reputation among a broad base of companies and through our dealings in the industry. We are a trusted partner and work hard to ensure that we are building long-term relationships focused on value that benefits both parties. Our success and future growth are driven by our skilled associates, core values and commitment to ethical business practices.

As a member of the American Collectors Association and the Debt Buyers Association, Comprehensive Legal Solutions, Inc. is committed to treating all consumers with dignity, respect and compassion in support of their financial recovery. Comprehensive Legal Solutions, Inc. maintains strict compliance with all federal, state and local governmental regulation in the collection of debt.